The Guidelines Calculator Tool (GLCT) is a stand-alone tool that can be utilized by anyone to calculate sample sentencing guidelines. No login is required to access the tool. No information entered into the GLCT will be saved or stored, but the user will be able to print a copy of the sample sentencing guidelines worksheet.

The GLCT should NOT be used to initiate an official worksheet in jurisdictions using the Maryland Automated Guidelines System (MAGS). However, in jurisdictions that have not yet begun using MAGS, users responsible for calculating the guidelines may wish to use the GLCT to initiate an official worksheet in lieu of manually filling out the paper worksheet. If a worksheet is generated using the GLCT, it will be necessary to provide a copy to the court so that the judge or judge's designee can record the sentence and departure information (if necessary) on the worksheet. It will then be necessary to make copies of the final completed and signed worksheet and to distribute them to the appropriate parties, including sending a hard copy to the MSCCSP office.

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